Intro to The Distinctive Lifestyle

Years ago when The Distinctive Lifestyle was just an idea, I never dreamed of hosting events, creating products, or courses around it. I simply thought of writing a book and that was it. Because I don't like writing, I decided to host an event instead. Punctuation and grammar are not my areas of strength, however I can deliver an attention grabbing class or speech almost effortlessly.

In this course, I share with you real examples of how myself and other's who have followed my guidance have been able to enjoy a better life. When people dread and say that they wish that they could live a better life, I share with them that my life is as I desire it to be because I plan for it to be that way. I hope that you will be in the upper echelon of participants, the one's that get things accomplished without making excuses and complete this course, that you will follow all of the steps, and practically apply what you are learning.

Yes, you will have to become clear about what you truly desire and then discover practical ways to get them done. Sometimes that may be a challenge but once you focus on your heart's desires a way will be revealed to you. I have experienced this countless times in my life including today, the day, that I am writing this message to you.

I will see you in class on Sunday, August 11th at 7:30 pm for forty (40) minutes weekly. You will receive a weekly video from me on Thursday's that will provide motivation and encouragement for you until our next class.

With Much Gratitude,